How To Stop Panic Attacks

How to Stop Panic Attacks NaturallyPanic attacks affect approximately 1 to 2% of the general population. In the United States alone, 40 million Americans over the age of 18 have some kind of anxiety disorder. These disorders cost over $42 billion dollars every year, which is an indicator that a lot of people are suffering from panic attacks. In turn, this means a lot of people are looking at how to stop panic attacks naturally. Not everyone wants to swallow anti-anxiety medication every day. Instead, they want to learn how to naturally deal with the panic attacks so they can be in control of their lives.

Fortunately, there are some products made from natural ingredients, as well as methods that many individuals around the world use to stop their panic attacks. This means no more dreading public situations or conflict. This is because it is possible to control the body’s false sense that there is impending harm. The body can be told that there is no danger.


What is a Panic Attack?

A panic attack is a sudden feeling of intense fear, confusion or anxiety. It can be as short as a few minutes or as long as several hours. Some people experience panic attacks as often as once or twice a week or more, while some people may never experience them at all.

People who have panic attacks have mentioned thoughts of death, dying or intense pain. However, panics attacks can include a variety of different thoughts and mental reactions. Some users even experience reactions as extreme as feeling like their heart will explode.

Panic attacks can bring many different physical responses as well. Physical symptoms of panic attacks include shortness of breath, heart palpitations and sweating. Of course, this is an incomplete list and symptoms can be more or less severe.

While panic attacks are not inherently life threatening, they may foster dangerous behavior, such as self harm and addiction.

Like many anxiety disorders, panic attacks are seen in a negative light by some. However, they are becoming a common occurrence in the lives of many people. According to the National Mental Health Institute, millions of people will have a panic attack each year.

The causes of panic attacks are as varied as the symptoms. Panic attacks can be caused by lifestyle choices or increased stress in the home or workplace. Most experts agree that panic attacks are hereditary.

Panic attacks can be a sign of an underlying medical issue. If you have experienced panic attacks, you should talk with your doctor before reading this Panic Away review. Always seek medial advice before starting any course of treatment of medical conditions.

A panic attack is a feeling of high anxiety, which can stem from apprehension or the fear that something terrible is going to happen. For the sufferer, he or she may feel as if they are having a heart attack, like they’re going crazy, or like they are going to have a nervous breakdown. It is a miserably frightening feeling. Once the panic attack is over, it can take days to feel normal again.

If there is uncertainty that what has been experienced is a panic attack, here is a list of symptoms to help make that determination:

• Hyperventilation
• Racing heart
• Chest pain
• Choking feeling
• Trembling
• Feeling detached from reality and from your surroundings
• Nausea
• Sweating
• Numbness or tingling
• Feeling lightheaded or dizzy
• Fear of losing control, dying, or going insane
• Cold or hot flashes

The attack itself can last from 20 to 30 minutes.


Stopping Panic Attacks

Many people may be wondering how to stop panic attacks naturally because, really, not everyone wants to take medication for everything that is going wrong with them. This is especially true when the ailment is something that has a natural solution. Sometimes, the natural solution is one that requires a little coaching so that an individual can learn what to do to stop a panic attack.

Take Panic Away, for instance. It is a program that has had good reviews and is said to relieve anxiety and eliminate panic attacks permanently. It is a natural technique that doesn’t require any kind of regression therapy or medication. The focus is breaking the cycle of anxiety so that life can return to normal. It’s about modifying the response to those things that cause a panic attack. Perhaps social situations induce panic attacks or situations where conflict is inevitable.

Other natural ways to stop panic attacks lie in a person’s lifestyle. For instance, lack of sleep, stress, alcohol and drug abuse, and eating habits can feed the energy that causes panic attacks. Over time, a person can become weary and have a panic attack whether they suffer from chronic anxiety or not. These are all areas that can be changed and here are some tips to help:

• Eliminate the negative “self talk” to better control worry
• Practice relaxation techniques, such as meditation and deep breathing
• Get enough sleep
• Regular exercise
• Develop healthy eating habits

These lifestyle changes can make a difference because the boost in confidence will make a person feel better about him or herself. Writing down negative thoughts, accepting uncertainty, and setting aside a period of the day when worrying is not allowed are also effective ways toward reducing the anxiety that causes panic attacks.

If additional help is needed, the Linden Method program may also be of help. The key when it comes to how to stop panic attacks naturally is all in finding the method or product that works for the individual. Finding something that works well means not feeling as if the day has to be planned in advance to avoid triggers. It also means not being afraid to live life to its fullest or being limited in where one travels or who they talk to.


Facing Fears

Finding a solution involves facing fears. Every sufferer is going to have to determine what triggers panic attacks within them. This means thinking about the triggers and learning how to control oneself when having these thoughts. By knowing the triggers, a person can choose the right product or method that will enable them to face them one-by-one so that they don’t have to fear them anymore. How to stop panic attacks naturally is about feeling free and confident on one’s own and not about taking medications that simply mask the symptoms without addressing the causes.


What is Panic Away?

Panic Away is a popular treatment of panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder. It was developed by Barry McDonagh, a man who has dealt with panic attacks himself. The Panic Away system consists of e-books, audio files, videos and an interactive web component. Before starting the Panic Away review, it’s important that you understand exactly what a panic attack is.



How it works?

Panic Away Review
The Panic Away system is a three-prong approach to overcoming panic attacks. It gives users strategies on how to deal with panic attacks when they happen. It tries to help users overcome many of the reasons behind panic attacks, such as generalized anxiety disorder, as well.

It should be mentioned that Panic Away is not intended to replace medical treatment of anxiety. It is instead a way of dealing with various degrees of panic attacks in your everyday life.

The first part of the Panic Away system is called the 21 second countdown. This is Panic Away’s tactic for helping users handle panic attacks as they happen.

The 21 second countdown has users approach the panic attack head on to disarm it. Users are even encouraged to belittle a panic attack into going away.

It seems like a counter-intuitive approach at first. Some of the feelings and thoughts a person might have during a panic attack can be very overwhelming for them. Being direct with such powerful feelings of dread may seem even more stressful for someone with panic attacks.

It is an effective approach, though. By neutralizing the thoughts caused by a panic attack, it’s easier to overcome it. Once you begin rationalizing the ideas coursing through your head, it’s easier to focus on something else.

The 21-second approach is characterized largely by humor. Experts agree that humor can be one of the most effective emotional responses to panic attacks. This adds to the credibility of the system.

The next step of the Panic Away system is the 7-minute exercise. This is the way Panic Away helps you deal with the feelings and behaviors that trigger panic attacks.

The 7-minute exercise is intended for daily use for people who have panic attacks. It involves deep breathing exercises that are almost meditative. Panic Away also helps the user by replacing strong negative emotions with strong positive emotions.

This turns into a daily affirmation ritual that people with panic attacks can use to reduce the feelings that trigger harmful thoughts. It’s one of the rare affirmation rituals that increase in effectiveness as you use it.

Panic Away suggests that the 7-minute exercise be done at least once a day, but it can be done multiple times throughout the day. You can either schedule the 7-minute exercise as part of your daily routine or do it whenever you need to calm yourself down.

It can be incredibly helpful for people whose panic attacks stem from stress or lifestyle choices. It can also aid in people who have panic attacks caused by stress disorders like obsessive-compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

Finally, the last major portion of the Panic Away system is called CALM recovery. It focuses on learning to live with panic attacks and anxiety.

There are some obvious suggestions such as accepting that you have anxiety and making healthier lifestyle choices. However, the most powerful component of the CALM recovery method is community support.

This includes forums and an active community of other Panic Away users. For people who have panic attacks, it’s easy to feel alone and isolated in your reaction to anxiety. However, Panic Away’s community takes that feeling away by offering a message board for people to share their experiences.

Panic Away can also help you connect with a therapist in your area if you need more help with your anxiety. While this is a very helpful feature, it blurs the lines between Panic Away and actual medical treatment of anxiety disorders.

Always make sure you talk with a medical expert before starting therapy sessions. You should also investigate the credentials of any person you receive medical advice from.


Verdict: Is Panic Away worth your time and money?

The Panic Away system is an excellent value for the price. Though you might be able to find similar help online for cheaper, the small premium you pay is worth it. It’s important to have all the information all in one place. That makes it easier to come back to the information when you need it, without having to comb through a Google search.

Many online message boards charge a monthly fee. This makes the one-time payment for lifetime access to the message boards worth the price alone. Having thousands of people to talk about your anxiety with could be worth double or triple that, really.

That’s not to say the e-books and videos aren’t helpful. This Panic Away Review only really scratches the surface of what is presented when you buy the Panic Away system.

The 21-7 method of dealing with panic attacks and anxiety is a great system that will help you manage those painful thoughts. The CALM recovery method in my opinion is a great tool in learning to live with panic attacks.